Modern Enterprise Security Solutions

Chief Security Officers and their directs suffer from App and information overload possibly more than any other group in the enterprise. The enterprise security executive is responsible for risk, physical security, and people safety, relying on a myriad of point solutions and data points to manage their business. Bloom helps the modern CSO and Security Executive transform their security operations to achieve much better line of sight across the organization.

Modern Enterprise Sales Solutions

Sales people are highly mobile and require modern, mobile experience that deliver information to them seamlessly across their many devices. Bloom’s modern sales solutions integrate sales apps into a single pane of glass view for continuous workflow and mobility of experience. Imagine having your CRM pipeline and sales data, sales collateral, training books, and customer presentations at your fingertips. Imagine everything you need in a single application that can be shared with customers through customer-centric views. Bloom can help sales professionals transform their sales organizations by increasing productivity to achieve much better ROI and differentiate competitively with customers.

Modern Enterprise Marketing Solutions

A few of the mega trends impacting marketers today are at the center of the Bloom solution suite. Mobile is going to continue to be the center of marketing. From cell phones to smartphones, tablets to wearable gadgets, the evolution of mobile devices is one of the prime factors influencing marketing executives messaging to their customer audience. Information overload will continue. Social will evolve to be the channel for marketers. Personalized, data-driven marketing will continue to dominate big data and BI investments and more accurate telemetry to measure engagement will surface.