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We’re an award-winning management consultancy. We specialize in helping sales, marketing, and operations executives from the most renowned tech brands grow & land big ideas globally. From Go-to-Market strategies to Get-to-Market programs, we’re your partner for the journey.

Business Strategy
Revenue Operations
Experiences: CX PX SX
Transformation Management

Business Strategy

How are you planning to grow? Which segments of customers and partners should be managed? Who are your partners of the future? We help you plan, target, design, and transform your sales channels and role excellence. Our seasoned experts ask the hard questions to align your cross-functional leadership on why and how you’ll get to market.

Planning & Target Setting

We run planning rhythms to align cross-functional peers across finance, HR, sales, marketing, product management, operations, and IT. You benefit from a unified cascade of headcount, budgets, and targets with clear field communications for each fiscal year–or whenever major change happens.

Sales Channel Design

We have deep expertise on all things relating to direct & indirect channel sales.

  • Transforming direct sales to partner-led
  • Partner joint business planning & Co-sell
  • Co-innovation

Role Excellence

We provide role clarity for field pods–including staff in devops, sales, partner, marketing, technical, and customer success. Look to our blueprint design, coverage, and enablement expertise to help you establish a measured approach for tighter organizational alignment.

“Target setting methodology and tools are really phenomenal. They’re something all segments from Enterprise to SMB should adopt.” Sr. Sales Lead, Fortune 500 Cloud company

Revenue Operations

Having a growth plan is one thing. Turning it into real revenue is another. Especially when there are big sales model changes like resegmentation, downsizing, or M&A madness on the horizon. How are you bringing together stakeholders, processes, and insights to tackle whitespace opportunity? Consistent adoption and consumption? Higher renewal rates? Lower customer churn? Stability in CSAT?

Creating a cohesive approach to generating and keeping customers is a win-win. Our RevOps capabilities fill the gap among marketing, sales, and customer success to create cross-departmental efficiencies.

Process Design

We’re savvy in finding ways to reduce cycle times and or speed up things like sales velocity. We always design strong, enduring governance frameworks while shepherding stakeholders towards your vision.

Partner Maturity

Partners of the future monetize differently and care about some things differently than traditional ones. We assess your ecosystem’s maturity and identify where partners are along that spectrum using our proven rubrics. Look to us to help you design the right mix of programs and tools to make partner-led an investable, profitable model.

Revenue programs

We’re the muscle that helps optimize your processes, systems, and analytics to drive sales velocity and efficiency. We’re the secret sauce in sales incentive programs that often generate 10x+ the investment.

“Not only did we get $10s of millions in closed deals from our H2 program, but we also started the following Q1 with a very healthy pipeline, which is usually dead. We then had a great record-breaking Q1. It’s all because of the opportunities we drove with Bloom.” ~Global Support Sales Lead, Fortune 100 Company 

Experiences: CX PX SX

We help you amplify the voices of customers, partners, and sellers in the field to identify areas of opportunity. We create memorable and engaging experiences for your customers, partners, and sellers. We design and deliver customer journeys, partner programs, and sales enablement solutions that drive loyalty and growth.

Journey Clarity

Customer success is only created when the right people do the right things at the right time. Let us help you tightly orchestrate customer, pod, and partner activities to drive efficiency and scale. Our time-tested avatars, customer-centric methodologies on a page, & rubrics specify the R&Rs, inputs, handoffs, and outcomes you need for each sales motion and stress the moments of truth in journeys which make or break your relationships.

Voices Insights

We know Customer Councils. Partner Advisory Boards. Technical User Groups. We’ll create the Voice of Customer, Partner, or Seller listening devices you need to mine ideas, best practices, and competitive insights. Then you can influence big change decisions–from how you engineer and market your products to how you sell and support customers.

White-Glove Events

Sales bootcamps. Experiential EBCs. We know the ingredients for success. We begin with your desired outcomes, complimented by our tight project management and communications disciplines, to seamlessly plan and execute your events.

“Awesome NEWS!!! 80x return on our investment ask with Bloom!!! Wonderful work.” Director, Change Governance & Landing, Fortune 250 Cloud company

Transformation Management

We’re chaos ordermakers. We understand transformation takes more than just best practices. Let us plan and execute every touchpoint. We’re your partner for the journey, from ideation to realization.


Drive buy in and adoption with carefully curated communication plans and implementation of best practices.

Program Management

We bring waterfall and agile best practices to life integrating relationships, acumen, and foresight, to conquer complex problems with impeccable execution.

Change Management

Establish a controlled yet nurturing approach for organizational alignment to support an intentional shift.

“We’ve tried other [consultants]. We’ve tried internal teams. Their outputs are garbage. We know the quality of what Bloom produces. They’re consistent. They’re great value. We don’t want another vendor. We want Bloom.” ~Global Strategy Lead

Collectively, We Conquer.

Partnering with visionary executives is the heartbeat of our business.

We work with amazing companies..

  • “The cost for BCG was crazy vs the quality and value. You’re the other BCG.”

    Sr. Director, Strategy, Global Commercial Sales
    Fortune 1000 company
  • We found Bloom diligent and strategic in driving the best business strategies needed for our group. The variety of depth Bloom had across Strategy, Analytics, Planning and Domain Business was hard to find. I found Bloom to be really wonderful in shaping the direction that we are headed today.”

    Strategy and Analytics Lead, Industry Solutions & ISV
    Fortune 500 company
  • …nothing short of OUTSTANDING… Bloom stands above many of their competitors due to their creative thinking, industry relevant insights, careful attention to detail and on the outputs. It would be an ADVANTAGE to organizations like ours to have Bloom working across the business executing at a deeper level with our strategies.”

    Director Partner Innovation, Ecosystem Solutions, WW Partner and Commercial
    Fortune 500 company
  • Since inception, you all have done fantastic work…from chasing down fragmented data…to keeping us together…to rich advice… it’s fantastic work. The partner ecosystem is fragmented here… we have a blind spot on it… you have experience-backed tactical recommendations tied to strategy. That’s exactly why we engaged you all. We will keep working with you.”

    Chief of Staff, Global Industries Group
    Fortune 500 company
  • The Bloom team not only met expectations but FAR EXCEEDED them. What was accomplished with the work and the documentation, even when I was out on leave, has set the foundation that I can take forward for our transformation journey.”

    Value Stream Global Lead
    Fortune 250 company
  • It’s AMAZING to see the productivity that’s come out from Bloom in such a short period. Your help has been very valuable. Bloom has been RELENTLESS in workstreams to land massive resegmentation, set targets in the field, handle red carpet customer transitions, and instill role excellence.”

    Global Vice President, Commercial Sales
    Fortune 1000 company

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