Business Management Consulting Services

Bloom can help you innovate and transform your organization. Bloom’s business management consultants are experienced and skilled in providing insight and strategies that help organizations increase revenue and profitability. Our consultants offer decades of experience and thought leadership in the areas of marketing, sales, security and partner programs with both medium and enterprise-size organizations.

PMO Services

Contact us about our Project Management Office services for your next initiative. Using proven waterfall or Agile methodologies, Bloom project managers provide project planning and scoping, resource management, risk management and performance measurement and monitoring services using our best practice toolkit. Our project managers have deep experience leading and managing complex initiatives and they excel in delivering projects and programs on time and within budget.

Agile Transformation

Software applications developed through the agile process have three times the success rate of the traditional waterfall method and a much lower percentage of time and cost overruns. The secret is trial and error and delivery through an iterative process with reduced upfront planning. More and more of our clients are interested in leveraging the concept of “agility” to react quickly to change. Bloom can provide Agile PM services to help you to realize expected business and customer outcomes more efficiently and with more rapid response.

Business Performance Improvement

Bloom works with frontline workgroups to develop a culture and discipline of process improvement. We work with clients to focus on new value creation and transformation after we engage to measure the output of particular business processes and provide strategic advice on how to improve the processes for sustained results.

Customer and Partner Experience and Journey Mapping

Bloom uses journey mapping as a tool to help companies see what their customers and partners truly want—the real moments of truth and the ways in which customers go about achieving their needs. Bloom works with clients to understand how that experience aligns with internal organizational structures, service delivery models, and metrics. By investing time in understanding the path a customer takes, the people and functions they interact with along the way, and other enablers and obstacles to doing business with, a journey map will provide a complete picture of the customer experience.