Bloom CEO asked to speak at Verint WW User Conference on June 28 in Chicago


July 8, 2016 - Bloom Consulting Group

Heather Zindel, Bloom’s CEO, will speak on the topic of the Modern Security Executive and Security in Chicago on June 28. The conference will be attended to by top security professionals from across the country, to hear more about better ways for the modern security executive to manage the business of security through innovation.

Today, the security industry is undergoing a major transformation requiring the evaluation of disruptive technologies, the streamlining of processes and the protection of the business. A major development is the consumerization of IT driven by employees who buy their own devices, use their own personal online service accounts, install their own applications and then, connect to the corporate network often without the organization’s knowledge or approval. Even though this development poses a network security risk, many companies are embracing the consumerization of IT to save money, increase business agility and improve employee productivity.

Heather Zindel intends to review how the consumerization of IT is helping make the case for transformation and why security as a board-level topic requires a continued focus on a strategic business mind-set. She will discuss the steps that CSOs and Directors can take to become business enablers by looking to more innovative, future-focused technologies.