Bloom selected as a Top 110 Supplier by Microsoft Procurement


September 1, 2018 - Bloom Consulting Group

Bloom has achieved Category Certification in the Project Based Consulting Category for the next 3 years. Bloom is proud to be designated Category Certified, Microsoft Supplier Preferred, Small Biz, and GDPR compliant.

The Procurement Team reviewed 800+ suppliers and have “Category Certified” the top 110, with the following goals in mind:

-Identify and classify the top suppliers in a given category

-Drive spend with targeted suppliers who are “Compliant, Capable and Competitive”

-Recommend commercially vetted suppliers who achieve “Category Certification” to the business groups

-Promote Bloom as Category Certified in their new Supplier Search Tool

“We are proud to be recognized as a top supplier for Microsoft consulting services by Procurement after a 6-month process of internal evaluation for our high client satisfaction and strong value-based approach to all of our project,” said Heather Zindel, CEO.