Strategic consulting

Bloom Consultants help organizations innovate, transform, and modernize. They act as facilitators to problem-solve and provide insight using a best practice approach to help clients reach their business objectives. What does a facilitator do? The word comes from the Latin word for “easy” implying that we make the work of our clients easier. Our clients benefit from decades of leadership in marketing, sales, security and partner program experience.


Project management transformation

Our Project Managers have a wealth of knowledge, not only based on experience, but based on well known, universal methodologies that are proven to be successful if used correctly. From Agile to Waterfall, we can analyze your needs, recommend the best course of action, and facilitate the development of a world class project management program. Our PMP and Scrum Master-certified professionals have transformed large enterprise organizations project management practices from good to great.


Project management outsourcing

Bloom Project Managers have deep experience leading and managing complex initiatives to achieve project milestones and objectives. Specifically, they can help you with project initiation and planning, outlining scope, managing resources, monitoring project quality, managing risk, and measuring performance, so your project and programs come in on time and within budget.


Business process management

At Bloom we recognize that business processes are strategic assets to be understood, managed, and improved to deliver value. The Bloom BPM managed services is an efficient way to leverage the latest cloud technology to host your process library, have access to skilled consultants that address a range of issues related to cost, quality of service and risk.


IoT and big data analytics

Connectivity will become a standard feature of just about everything, leading to the need for big data cloud storage and analytics to uncover new insights. Bloom can integrate existing business information with new machine-generated data to enhance decision making. Analytics is not just for thousands of devices and sensors in the future, it’s what you use today to derive business value.


Business intelligence

Bloom helps clients find ways to turn everyday information into actionable insights by embedding analytics across the organization. Bloom can create custom Power BI or app dashboards, Excel reports, scorecards, and perform complex data integration.


Azure cloud services

In a time when capacity is king, Microsoft Azure allows for endless expansion of data without the expense and hassle called for by on premises solutions. Azure Cloud Services is an important tool that Bloom utilizes for our clients and ourselves to simplify processes, cut costs, and allow for the highest performance.